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Morgan Kennedy - Elite Fastpitch Training

Morgan started playing softball at 8 years old. For eight of her ten years playing, she played for the Naperville Diamonds. Throughout her time with the Diamonds, she played competitive travel softball. This included playing pick-up games during the week and then playing in tournaments on the weekend. Most games she played in the infield, specifically 2nd base. There were times where she would also play in the outfield. She attended USSA Nationals in 2010. In 2011 she played her last year of competitive fastpitch softball.

“Softball was more than a game to me, it was my life growing up” says Morgan. “I loved the game and when I decided to stop playing, I found another way to stay in the game that I love. I became an ASA Umpire. As an umpire, I saw my job as not only officiating the games but helping young girls learn the game. I also wanted to show the girls’ that boys are not the only ones that can be umpires. I umpired for 5 years.”

“I learned so many valuable life skills out on the field that relate to my everyday life. As a coach, my goal is to teach my players some of these skills and lessons that are not only beneficial to the game, but to life as well.”

Morgan currently live in Woodridge Illinois and works as a Special Education teacher.

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