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About - Elite Fastpitch Training

Chicago is the birthplace of softball and Elite Fastpitch is excited to be part of that long, rich tradition. At Elite Fastpitch we are passionate about softball and creating an environment to empower girls to play at their highest level. Started on July 1, 2017, Elite Fastpitch was created to help provide specific softball instruction to players in the Chicagoland area.

Utilizing a team of former players and coaches, our clients work with a professional staff with years of expertise and competitive softball experience. Our classes, clinics, private lessons, and travel teams will focus on fundamentals as well as increasing self confidence and softball IQ. Our Director of Fastpitch, Jeff Tylka, has been coaching softball for over 15 years.  He has coached at every level from middle school softball all the way up to the D1 level for the last 8 years.   Jeff was an educator for many years before coaching at the college level so he has an intimate knowledge of the best practices for educating our players. By understanding how to play softball at a competitive level in addition to best practices for educating children, Jeff is able to help build a program centered on excellent softball instruction and growth. The instructors at Elite are former softball players or college coaches that help to bring the latest techniques, theories, and game strategies to our players. Our instructors are lifelong learners of softball and continue to study the game.

Our travel organization is built to help provide players with professional instructors that help bring a competitive edge to all of our player’s game. Each age-level builds and provides age appropriate instruction, game strategy and fundamental development. The players also learn how to play softball and are given opportunities to make game  decisions with guidance of our instructors. The long term goal of the travel ball teams is to play at the highest level and provide opportunities for players to play in high school and college.

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